Paris Spring 2006
Paris Spring 2006

PARIS, Oct 10, 2005/ FW/ — With the sound of a locomotive as opening background music, Moon Young Hee set the tone for her collection for the edgy traveling woman who wants to see and be seen.

Over 30 exits that played on volume in luxe fabrics such as lace, Moon Young Hee proposes avant-garde looks for Spring / Summer 2006 with oversized covered elastics on embellishing the waist for coats, layered sleeves on dresses and daintily crocheted tops that almost look like lace.

Reinventing the trench coat, Moon Young Hee followed the classic silhouette but mixed textures, one side using traditional fabric, while the other side made from crocheted yarn, that once again has a lacy quality.

The ‘lacy quality’ gave the collection a romantic ambiance, yet it is not your typical form. Sticking to her signature experimental style that defies existing trends, Moon Young Hee continues to create unique silhouettes that are timeless.

And that is the reason why her devotees love her creations and Moon Young Hee has a cult following.


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