MILAN, Jan 18, 2008 / FW/ — With the Milan Menswear Fall 2008 season finally done, Etro stood out as the only designer who actually went ‘green’ this season that he literally put ‘earth’ (as in soil) and real hedges on the runway, as if it was a farm.

But though the stage set might be rustic, the clothes are not for farmers; for gentleman farmers perhaps. Yet, the richness and sophistication belie the humble homestead.

Deep red velvet coats, rich brown vests, and plaid trousers – it is a statement of luxury no matter how you look at it. Double-breasted suede trenches and belted macs, two-tone brown shoes in leather and suede – the Etro gent is no stranger to the city. But he has not forgotten his roots, so he visits the family farm regularly.

And when he is not there, he is reminded of home with tiny vegetables and fruit motifs in his shirts and jumpers that surprisingly did not look rustic at all. Instead, it looked like a rich tapestry and added to the lavishness of the collection.

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