Araks Fall 2008
Araks Fall 2008

NEW YORK, Feb 3, 2008 / FW/ — Why should boys have all the fun? Araks does not think so, hence manly clothes were sent on the runway that was part Annie Hall and part librarian. Perhaps the better word is intellectual as the black-rimmed glasses suggested.

In our world where the wallflower is usually ignored for their more vivacious sisters like Elle Woods of the ‘Legally Blonde’ fame, Araks decided that Fall 2008 is their time to shine.

Putting them in men-inspired clothing, like over-sized vests and loose-fitting jackets, the tomboyish look was softened with fluid lines, thus creating an aura of femininity. Knee-high socks with tack line ribbon on the out-seam, flat and/or ballerina shoes and pleated plaid skirts also added the sweet schoolgirl feel, similar to the feeling emoted by The Princess Diaries.

Boy shape plaid trousers with boy belt, tank tops with fishing tack detail, boy pants and boy shorts, Araks wanted to make sure that these ladies have everything they need for next all.

The surprise was the finale – the model was wearing all black, her bra showing and her boy shorts panties worn under a transparent black half-slip. A knee-length coat completes the ensemble. Araks’ librarians are not vamps, but they should have a fire inside them!


Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week