Luca Luca Fall 2008
Luca Luca Fall 2008

NEW YORK, Feb 8, 2008 / FW/ — I know its unfair for Luca Luca’s new Creative Director Raul Melgoza, but it is really hard not to miss Luca Orlandi’s high energy shows that make one wish they could wear the clothes being paraded on the catwalk right at that moment.

Because one thing that Orlandi is great at is making women feel beautiful and delectable. But, the Fall 2008 collection proposed by Raoul Melgoza does not make you dream.

To be fair, the collection has a lot of good points. There is the black dress with a bustier top that is Marilyn Monroe-nesque for eveningwear and the chevron-striped mink coat. Yet somehow, the rest looked commercial as if they were just made so that they will sell.

Again, to be fair, Melgoza did not start the collection thinking that way. His was inspired by the work of Spanish artist Ernesto Caivano.

But, something got lost in translation and that makes me very sad because I have been a big fan of Luca Luca for a very long time.


Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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