Gaetano Navarra Menswear Spring 2009
Gaetano Navarra Menswear Spring 2009

MILAN, Jun 22, 2008 / FW/ — Euro chic incorporated to the melting pot of cultures called Los Angeles, California, Gaetano Navarra developed a ‘new course’ for his menswear, thus in turn creating an exciting new look that is masculine even with the feminine touches.

While women had been borrowing elements from the men’s wardrobe for a very long time (the most famous propend being Coco Chanel when she purloined one of the coats of her lover and from it she created the now famous Chanel suit), it is now the men’s turn to ‘borrow’ from women.

Gaetano Navarra did an entirely different take on this ‘feminine elements’ trend though. While other designers use sequins and colors usually identified with women, the Italian designer used the very masculine studs and grommets as sequins! Thus, though a jacket might have some ‘femme’ appliqués, its actually masculine!

High tech fabric like nylon dominated, but there is also natural leather and of course different washes of denim. The colors are warm that lean towards the masculine shades of blue, gray and beige.

Tie-dye and hand painting constituted the prints, thus making each garment unique. A standout is the ‘bloomer’ Bermuda shorts that actually worked!

It’s street wear that is bohemian; it’s modern yet familiar… Gaetano Navarra understands the mindset of today’s youth – a world without borders.


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