Fashion Editors
Fashion Editors

DALLAS, Aug 20, 2008 / FW/ — Now they’ve done it! CW is coming out with a reality show about fashion editors! OMG, there is nothing sacrosanct in fashion anymore.

First, it was America’s Next Top Model, which up to today has not really produced a top model the same way Giselle Bundchen, Christy Turlington, and Tyra Banks are. Maybe it’s because fashion models have a ‘shelf life’ i.e., from 16 –20 years old that they have to peak or they would have missed the boat.

With ANTM, due to U.S. laws, the model hopefuls have to be 18 to participate; the contestants have already used up half their shelf life even before they started. Best thing they could get is the modeling contract as part of winning ANTM. If they don’t reach supermodel status by 20, everything is downhill from there.

It’s so unfair, but that is the truth.

Project Runway is more promising in terms of the design hopefuls making it in the fashion industry because there is no ‘age limit’ on when to peak. Contestants can also get their name out there. In short, even if they don’t win the top prize, they get name recognition.

For those who have been following Project Runway, the show’s move from Bravo to Lifetime is one of fashion’s biggest scandals. And from this ‘scandalette,’ the ‘Stylista’ was born, a reality show about fashion-editor-hopefuls!

OMG, when did my job become the fodder of reality TV? NYMag did an in-depth article about it and though it is uncharacteristic of a fashion editor to hand over readers to another magazine, the truth is this – FashionWindows was born as an online magazine.

As part of the grassroots movements of on the internet, it truly believes in the ideals of sharing, which was the reason why Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web for.

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