Caravan - Tide Total Care
Caravan - Tide Total Care

DALLAS, Sep 2, 2008 / FW/ — You’ve heard of ‘from the runway to the sales floor’ but have you heard of ‘from the runway to the washing machine’? While runway fashion is usually ready-to-wear, it is not always ready-to-wash.

In a groundbreaking catwalk show by 7 emerging designers, machine washable pieces will make up the whole collection that will be presented on Sep 8, 2008 at 10:00 AM at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues).

A collaboration between Caravan – the uptown store turned celebrity stylist studio Tide® Totalcare, the show entitled ‘Wash, Wear and Wow’, is designed to demonstrate that one does not need to jeopardize high fashion for function.

Caravan and Tide® Totalcare make perfect partners as the stylists and celebrities who shop Caravan are always searching for machine washable, travel friendly pieces that can withstand multiple wearings and washings on film sets and concert tours.

Every piece in the Caravan collection will be washed several times with Tide® Totalcare before hitting the runway in order to demonstrate the 7 innovative benefits of the detergent. These 7 benefits are: Cleans Thoroughly; Protects Colors; Preserves Shape; Maintains Finish; Enhances Softness; Prevents Pills; Fights Stains.

To further underscore the 7 BENEFITS, the show will highlight piece by 7 DESIGNERS:

1. Caravan – Debuting this season is Caravan’s debut private label collection called simply, Caravan. Inspired by a beautiful destination in the Far East called The Nam Hai, the entire collection is made from machine washable Vietnamese silks in bright colors such as pink, blue and gold. The line is designed to personify its name by being global and exotic – the types of garments that one can wear on the red carpet and then easily pack in a suitcase before embarking on a journey. The pieces consist of spaghetti strap dresses that are color blocked, simple and body conscious. (

2. Andrei Najjar for Social Atelier/ROCK THE VOTE – To coincide with this Fall’s exciting election, the show will also highlight thought provoking t-shirts from Andrei Najjar that have been designed for the ROCK THE VOTE campaign. His machine washable tees first made their debut in Los Angeles last year at a much buzzed about party with Christina Aguilera. Andrei Najjar is Co-Founder and Creative Director of Social Atelier Brands, an internationally-recognized portfolio of premium fashion and accessory brands aimed at increasing awareness for important social issues in the world today. All brands donate a significant portion of proceeds to needy causes through exclusive non-profit partnerships and the company functions as an ethical collective of artists, business partners, academics, and others who work to combine style with substance in everyday life. ( or

3. Jocelyn Gordon for Jocelyn Inc. – Armed with a fabulous sense of style and an NYU degree in retailing and business, Jocelyn Gordon began her career in 1982 as a buyer. After spending two years working in the wholesale, merchandising and public relations departments at Norma Kamali, her career fast-forwarded to include designing. Hired to revamp Elizabeth Gillett, Ltd.’s scarf collection, Jocelyn tripled the company’s earnings within three years. She created Jocelyn Inc. in 2001 after years of devoting her considerable talents and unique point of view to other designers. Since then, her line has expanded to include some of the most sought after pieces in the luxury contemporary accessories market. (

4. gr.dano – Designers Jill Giordano and Brian Scheyer launched the gr.dano label in the Spring of 2003 from their Sausalito, California studio. gr.dano is a fusion of two design school disciplines: fashion design & graphic design. Their vision has always been to create a bold line of “feel unique in what you wear” clothing that is both well designed and expertly tailored. (

5. IVANAhelsinki – This collection is inspired by the true journey of designer Paola Ivana who traveled by train from Moscow to Vladivostok to see the tigers who live in the wild woods of Siberia. She set out on this journey inspired by an old Russian children’s story about a friendly tiger who people mistakenly thought was dangerous and so no one played with him. As a result, the tiger became lonely and sad. Ivana took photos during her journey of the Amur tigers, which inspire the hand embroidered tiger motifs and silk prints in the collection. (

6. Ronen Chen – Israeli designer Ronen Chen focuses on elegant simplicity in his easy-flowing designs. Inspired by geometric shapes and lines, all his clothing is clean in spirit, easy to wear, and, most of all, super-comfortable. The soft crepe and matte jersey that has become Ronen Chen’s trademark has been worked in a number of ways, often in rich, monochromatic tones or contrast color layering. Newest is a contemporary t-shirt collection, adding a new element to the line. Ronen Chen has nine stores across Israel including one on Tel Aviv’s most fashionable street. (

7. Yansi Fugel – Renowned designer is Yansi Fugel will debut her new luxury travel line, Travel Jersey at the Caravan show. Comprised of both core basics like muscle tanks and hoodie jackets as well as more fashion-driven pieces, the entire collection is inspired by destinations from Milan to Mustique. Everything is created with wrinkle-resistant knit

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