Temperley London
Temperley London

LONDON, Sep 19, 2008 / FW/ — Monday, Sep 15 was packed with must-see names: John Rocha, Luella, Jasper Conran, Julien Macdonald, Paul Smith.

John Rocha

The ballerina found her way to John Rocha only to meet up with the ladies in the court of Queen Victoria circa 2000s. Bright spring colors interspersed with black and white. Rocha showed menswear and womenswear.


Trust Luella to take the Victorian trend into a different level. Neon shades of spring colors paved the way to tiny ruffles, Peter Pan collars and puff sleeves. Silhouettes are innocent and sweet but with neon shades, let’s just say, this girl is not Cinderella but a Gossip Girl.

Temperley London

Alice Temperley might not be thinking of red carpet dressing when she designed this collection, but truly, this collection is red carpet worthy and very subversive in terms of what we see on the Oscar red carpet that if someone decide to wear a Temperley London next year, she will be the talk of the town.

Without editorializing, the Oscars have become staid and predictable when it comes to fashion. Temperley’s one-shoulder ensembles and Grecian gowns will make waves.

Jasper Conran

A very sexy Jasper Conran collection that featured bustier dresses in beige and in black, the London-based designer was also able to intersperse some sweet looking dresses demonstrating that he had not lost his touch after 30 years of designing.

For veteran designers, keeping it fresh every season is a challenge because their signature look is very well known. Jasper Conran does it every season and his Spring 2009 collection is a good example of why he has stayed on top in the past three decades.

Julien Macdonald

With news that the Welsh designer is toning down his show like stripping the free bar before the show, there was a collective sound of disappointment among the London crowd. But, looking at it from Julien Macdonald’s point of view who is planning to change his image from ‘glamour’ to ‘luxury’, he is actually doing the right thing.

The safari-inspired collection that he unveiled last Monday reflects that way of thinking. Still catering to the high street market and it girls, there is also a seriousness in the collection.

Perhaps, this comment might leave a bad taste in his mouth, but this collection is something he could have done at Givenchy haute couture.

Paul Smith

A very refreshing collection from Paul Smith that will appeal to the Millennials and Gen Y demographics. A color palette based on beige, Paul Smith used different shades of blue and pink to add drama and diversity.


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