MILAN, Sep 21, 2008 / FW/ — A voyage from the past to the present, for Spring Summer 2009, Metradamo’s presentation was all about the link to the past. The journey from the companies past to the present was about changing everything and nothing at the same time.
To modern remixes of the “Redemption Song”, originally by Bob Marley, models filed out and lined up against a wall. It is there where the interactive performance took place and told, not only the story of the company, but also the story of the current collection. The song starts “Old Pirates”, and is an evident the inspiration for the collection, taken not only from the meaning of the song but from the literal words. The models stood sill against the wall in elegantly tailored outfits that did in fact take on this pirate innovation.
Metradamo named the show, A Tale of Angels, Pirates and Trousers and they were serious about every one of those themes. Pirate and angels were a blend of the garcons from the 30’s, vigorous 40’s, and the psychedelic 60’s styles. The trousers, which are the base of the company, were a blend of elegant styles from cream wide-legged sailor pants to black and white stripped skinny leg pants. Colors were black, white, cream, purple and blue.
The original shirts on the models were simple black tank tops that made the spectator focus on the pants but slowly the models transformed into modern versions of the exact same thing. From traditional straw baskets that lowered from the ceilings the models took from the old to make the new. Each slowly took out a shiny looser weight tank top and some other accessories like hats and scarves. Slowly the traditional outfits became modern and new, while the pants stayed the same through out.
Once the change of clothing took place all but four models left the stage. The wall became, different digitalized city landscapes and the models began to climb the walls. From old to new to modern, Metradamo knows how to get there. The digital wall made it seam as if the models were climbing buildings of floating over the city. The message had dual meanings relating to women’s dual roles in today. One is to be the pirate and work your way up climbing the city, while the other softer side of the woman is the angel looking out from above.


Photos by Lisa Helm

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