Atsuro Tayama Spring 2009
Atsuro Tayama Spring 2009

PARIS, Oct 2, 2008 / FW/ — In a season where one of the strongest trends is futurism and sci-fi, Atsuro Tayama looked back to the past to find his inspiration sending tie-dyed tunics and pantsuit crafted with graphical prints using the traditional Asian fabric treatment.

Then employing another traditional technique, ruching and braiding, Tayama continued on his individuality premise, with every piece in the collection with a particular flavor but all of them bound by the designer’s thematic approach.

Mini skirts with draped fabric over it, loose fitting coats / cape embellished with colorful crystals arranged in graphical format, and coat dresses with exaggerated necklines giving the wearer an extra 4” from shoulder to neck.

Expertly manipulating shape and volume, Atsuro Tayama came up with new silhouettes that have never been seen before without looking futuristic or sci-fi. This collection is for today!

Not one of the stellar names in Paris wherein everyone has to see, this show should have been a must-see this season. And for those who did not see this collection, they missed a great presentation.


Photos courtesy of Atsuro Tayama

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