Christian Audigier on the runway
Christian Audigier on the runway

LOS ANGELES, Oct 15, 2008 / FW/ —At Ed Hardy, as the press notes the ‘hype from the streets yesterday becomes the hip of today’ with Christian Audigier’s Street Fame aptly describes the show.

Starting with a high-energy dance to set the tone, it slowly fizzled as no new ideas were proposed. It was a if coolhunters were sent in the whole Los Angeles area just to check out what was the youth were wearing.

Straight from the streets on to the runway, there really was no creativity at all. And it is truly sad because this is Los Angeles where fashion on the street is alive and well.

Remember when Marc Jacobs put the Seattle grunge on the runway and made the thrift store wardrobe of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder famous? Marc Jacobs was inspired by the then Seattle underground music scene but he still put in his own interpretation.

Unfortunately for Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier, the Street Fame collection does not reach that level. There is no innovative take on streetwear. And even though there was a slight touch on rock & roll, this had already been seen before on the John Richmond catwalk, wherein the British-born designer did a much better take and a more innovative approach.

It’s not to say that the collection is not beautiful. In fact, the collection will sell. It’s just that when a designer is given enough financial resources, as is the case in this one, an inventive, even groundbreaking collection is expected and not just run-of-the-mill commercial pieces.


Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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