IF I... Spring 2009
IF I... Spring 2009

PARIS, Nov 20, 2008 / FW/ — What do you get when you mix a model and a tattoo artist? The fashion label IF I… which is the brainchild of stylist and model Sarah Henken and tattoo artist and illustrator Rudy Glibert.

By inviting us to experiment with a large field of possibilities, IF I… is the key to an imaginary world, to a world of secrets.

Meeting at the Bischofsheim Institute in Brussels while they were art students, Sarah and Rudy were destined to collaborate. About ten years ago, both of them moved to Paris, where Sarah worked for designers such as Véronique Leroy, Lutz, Bless, Mélodie Wolf and Martine Sitbon, while Rudy specialized in tattoo design and illustration.

With a design philosophy based on the belief that the well being of everyday is often found in the complementary of opposites, Sarah and Rudy developed their first collection in 2005 under the label IF I…

Sarah’s input is her knowledge about garments and experience with the fashion industry, while Rudy is in charge of the artistic direction and the visual identity of IF I…

A focus on volumes and materials and an architectural approach to fabrics are the basis of their work, and their main sources of inspiration are old school tattoos and electro-rock music. With fantasy, detail and structure as the main elements, Sarah and Rudy designed elegant and comfortable pieces for contemporary women.

For the Autumn-Winter 08-09 collection, their 6th season, Sarah and Rudy decide to focus on geometrical shapes and materials such as quilted fabrics and tricot. Clothes that soften the change of seasons and make us want winter to arrive. Fall on a cloud…The collection is presented by means of a video; a window to their most intimate universe.

IF I… gives us the keys to our balanced contradictions

Contact for IF I…
51 rue des petites écuries
75010 Paris
Tel: +33 1 42 21 36 36

Photos courtesy of IF I…

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