Madonna wears Givenchy Haute Couture - Dress in black stretch chiffon
Madonna in Givenchy Haute Couture for her Sticky & Sweet Tour

LOS ANGELES, Dec 1, 2008 / FW/ — The rumor had been going around since early November and no one had disputed nor confirmed it. Madonna is the face of the Spring / Summer 2009 Louis Vuitton campaign reported Page Six. And according to CelebrityPWN, the venerable French luxury house is paying her $10 million for her efforts.

Because Madonna had celebrated her 50th birthday, several celebrity observers had written some derogatory articles, to the point of calling the pop star the ‘Material Grandma.’

Still, Madonna’s popularity has never been stronger. A Baby Boomer herself, Madonna has become once again a symbol of her generation, the one that refused to grow old! Though this generation was the one who said, ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30,’ they are now saying ‘Don’t trust anyone over 90’.

In fact, it seems that the current zeitgeist is that older women are beautiful as seen in NBC’s Lipstick Jungle where Nico O’Reilly played by Kim Raver has a boyfriend who is 26 years old. The new movie ‘Flirting at Forty’ starring Heather Locklear also talks about an older woman having a relationship with a younger man.

In short, the term May-December relationship that used to mean an older man with a much younger woman also apply to an older woman with a much younger man.