Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2009 season
Tent at Bryant Park Spring 2009 season

NEW YORK, Dec 20, 2008 / FW/ — After three years, iconic American designer, Tommy Hilfiger will return to the tents at Bryant Park to showcase his Fall 2009 Collection. According to early reports, the New York-based designer has taken the 10:00 AM slot on Thursday, February 19.

“We are thrilled to welcome Tommy Hilfiger back to the tents of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,” said Fern Mallis, SVP of IMG Fashion. “In this upcoming season when America will be taking center stage, Tommy brings a unique American style to the runways of Bryant Park.”

“America is my heritage and Americans are my inspiration” Tommy Hilfiger once said. That sums up his designs for the past four decades. For if there is an All American designer, Tommy Hilfiger fits the bill to a T!

Born in Elmira New York in 1952, Tommy Hilfiger launched his fashion career in 1969 with the opening of People’s Store in upstate New York. Ten years later, he moved to the Big Apple and in 1984, he introduced his own signature collection.

Using the heartland America as his inspiration, Tommy Hilfiger’s collection reflects “good, clean, fun” featuring “real people” with clean cut looks. His designs reflect Main Street America complete with stars & stripes and the red, white & blue. And though his designs cater to the youth culture, pop music and team sports, Tommy Hilfiger also appeals to the 30something and 40 something crowd. In short, those who “grew up” with him during the 1970s and 1980s continue to buy his clothes.

Though he is not associated with any cult following, Tommy Hilfiger has a loyal clientele, much the same way that Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have. All three share a common trait – they are businessmen and designers at the same time. All three understand that their clothes will sell better when it is advertised properly.

Tommy Hilfiger has his own set of detractors, too. There are those who say that he is not a true designer, but just a product of a great marketing strategy. But his longevity in this very fickle fashion business and the continued success of his company is proof enough that Tommy Hilfiger has carved his own niche in this competitive and creative business of fashion.


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