Uncommon Matters Spring 2009
Uncommon Matters Spring 2009

PARIS, Dec 2, 2008 / FW/ — A conceptual fashion and design initiative founded in 2007, Uncommon Matters aims to reinvigorate traditional values, crafts and materials and put them into a new context.

Unveiling its debut project ‘Hand With Care’ during Paris Fashion Week last October, Uncommon Matters a limited edition of couture accessories which was inspired by the interplay between the »white gold« and the female body. The collection extends the field of traditional materials and offers a new perspective on fashion accessories.

Each piece represents a tribute to ancestral skills, a technological innovation and a radical transformation of the initial material: raw porcelain chain-necklaces, curved neck-cuffs and starched men’s collars to mention but a few. Porcelain expresses its nobility in the purity, the delicacy and the femininity of the artistic object.

Each piece of the collection has been handmade by Reichenbach on the so-called »Porcelain Street« in Thuringia. The innovative design, exceptional shapes and surface finishings represented a huge challenge for an otherwise traditional porcelain factory. The high skills of the Reichenbach manufactory and the fine quality of the porcelain contribute to the unique dimension of the »handle with care« collection.

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Photos by Kai Jünemann, courtesy of Uncommon Matters

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