Costume National Menswear Fall 2009
Costume National Menswear Fall 2009

MILAN, Jan 18, 2009 / FW/ — Ennio Capasa dressed up a heartthrob – mysterious and romantic, the Costume National chap is the strong silent type of the urban, even androgynous variety. In short, he is the type of guy that girls from their tweens to their thirties just fall for.

Tailored pieces that though very masculine can easily be borrowed by his girlfriend or his sister. As usual with Ennio Capasa, his color palette is black with all the shades of gray in between. Affluence is subtle, almost unseen except when you feel the soft cashmere and wool.

It’s classic futurist, i.e. sharp tailoring and clean silhouettes without the metalized fabric. Ennio Capasa saw that chrome and shine was going out of style, so he decided to stay on the somber shades of gray.

If Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core can come to life, he will be a Costume National lad and that will make his a double heartthrob.


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