Beach Bandals
Beach Bandals

NEW YORK, Jan 7, 2009 / FW/ — Ever been to the beach with your favorite sandals but you can’t wear it at certain days because it does not match your swimsuit or pareo? Those days are gone! With Bandals, an innovative beach sandal that allows a single shoe base to be worn with a variety of uppers, you don’t have to pack extra shoes just to make sure that everything fashionably matches.

A product of Bandals International, a new manufacturer and marketer of high quality footwear, Bandals’ introductory style, Beach Bandals is a thong style sandal available in four base colors – black, cream, pink and brown.

Offering an interchangeable upper or band, Bandals allows the consumer the ability to create their own personal footwear look to match their character, mood, fashion and pocketbook. The more than 20 interchangeable bands seamlessly integrate with the base of the shoe. This allows the sandal to be quickly and easily changed, by simply sliding the band through the mid-sole slot.

“Bandals’ approach to footwear gives its customers the tools to create a stylish shoe and customize it to their personalities,” said Bandals International President Thomas Sesti.

“Unlike other attempts at interchangeability, Bandals are high quality shoes providing great comfort while offering the ability to wear a new sandal every week,” Sesti added.

Beach Bandals retail for approximately $34.99 – $40.00 per pair, while additional Bandals Bands are $11.99 -$14.99 per pair. In addition, Bandals will introduce new band designs nearly every month to keep the product fresh and continue to offer designs that allow customers a wide range of choices to match their style.

Beginning January 2009, Bandals will be available at and other online footwear sites, as well as select retailers across the U.S. Please visit for a listing of retail locations.


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