CNC Costume National Fall 2009
CNC Costume National Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 1, 2009 / FW/ — His own blog, his own Twitter account, Ennio Capasa is a designer who has truly embraced the digital generation; and this shows the most in his secondary line, or better yet his ‘younger line’ C’N’C Costume National.

Raw, with vague references to 1980s punk, Ennio Capasa sent loose fitting trousers cuffed at the hem and adorned and/or strengthened with leather like the Jodhpur or the cowboy chaps. Fur coats are cutaway, so that it can be worn as a short-cropped jacket during warmer days.

Jumpsuits with asymmetrical front zipper closures; Capri length ski pants that will work as street wear; and biker jackets done in leather, lurex, even wool and suede, Ennio Capasa proposes some bold changes in the way we see street clothes.

But, perhaps, Ennio Capasa’s boldest move was not on the runway. Like many Italian designers, production of the C’N’C Costume National line has been entrusted with Ittierre.

But, while some fashion houses are distancing themselves from the financially beleaguered company, Ennio and Carlo Capasa have shown support by extending the licensing agreement for C’N’C Costume National until 2018 with the special administration that was placed at Ittierre after it filed bankruptcy last month.

As Carlo Capasa told reporters, “We should bear in mind that before the financial crisis, Ittierre has done so much for the fashion sector over the past ten years. Designers should remember that.”


Photos by Lisa Helm

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