Gucci Fall 2009
Gucci Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 2, 2009 / FW/ —- If Tom Ford during his tenure at Gucci was the King of Cool, Frida Giannini is turning out to be the Queen of Rock & Roll Chic, which by the way, avid Gucci fans seem to like very much.

As we move closer to the second decade of the 21st century and new silhouettes, even visions of fashion arise, Frida Giannini had stayed very close to the current Gucci DNA – sexy… sexy… and sexy…

And for Fall 2009, Giannini even played on the current maniac craze about vampires starting with HBO’s True Blood and of course the movie Twilight as she sent a very dark collection on the runway.

A predominantly black collection, with only silver to break the monotony, there is something sinister about the Fall 2009 Gucci woman, which adds to her allure. She’s a vamp, not in the Dracula sense, but in the 21st century sense.

And if she loves rock & roll, the better!


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