Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009
Karl Lagerfeld Fall 2009

PARIS, Mar 10, 2009 / FW/ — With a vague reference to Mad Max as seen on the steel tubes background and models wearing helmets and crimped hair, Karl Lagerfeld proposed an ultramodern collection for his eponymous label that featured iPod holders as a must-have accessory.

Though their 1980s counterpart never left earth, the Fall 2009 Karl Lagerfeld woman is a galactic Amazon with a tough-chick attitude. Maybe, Karl Lagerfeld is a closet sci-fi fan because he had everything right for his female startrooper. From the functional belts that can hook up an iPod to the utilitarian fingerless opera gloves, the Karl Lagerfeld woman might be a sci-fi warrior but she is on high street for fashion.

Yet, it is not just the accessories that define her. The black blouson with piping made to look like raw steel; the double-breasted jacket with 5-buttons on each side was given golden wrist sleeves like Wonder Woman and a fur vest with metallic bands — together, they make the statement.

Now, strip off all the little references to sci-fi, the collection is actually very wearable and highly covetable.

Photos by Thomas Barnes

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