Sportmax Fall 2009
Sportmax Fall 2009

MILAN, Mar 1, 2009 / FW/ — As the importance of secondary or young lines gets higher, Sportmax is ahead of the curve. For the past couple of years, the label has become more than just the ‘other Max Mara line’.

Rather, as it changed its aesthetics from sportive to an edgier, more fashion-forward silhouette, SportMax garnered fans separate from its more famous sister.

With exaggerated shoulders and tiny waists, a very vague reference to the 1980s lingered for about two seconds. What stayed were the ultra-modern almost futuristic look and again, a very vague reference to S&M brought by the use of leather and thin belts to emphasize the tiny waist. Add to that though the midriff is not bare due to a form fitting sweater (it’s winter after all), the short-cropped quilted bolero jacket with puff sleeves is enough to titillate your imagination.

It is not about sexuality per se. There is a hint of skin as the blouse is just a few inches short or in the bustier top with asymmetrical peplum.

What is interesting is that the Sportmax woman is no longer demure nor a hallway fashionista. She had become a grown up member of the digital generation! Hence that little hint of S&M or the 1980s permissiveness, no matter how vague they were, added to her allure. After all, we’re talking about the generation who lived through Bill Clinton’s Monica Gate, 9/11 and Bush’s war on terror. It is hard to shock them.


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