DALLAS, Apr 27, 2009 / FW/ — Layers of black give the modern gothic trend an appeal in the fashion world. It is chic and sensual and perhaps a little positively intimidating. All over black exudes some sort of confident strength that draws attention because of its drastic power to attract.

Black is a risk because of its many negative connotations, but that is what makes this trend so fabulous- it adds depth to the purpose of fashion because it evokes change in perception and ideas. This color holds a lot of value because it causes designers to create on a level solely based on architecture and detail since color plays no option in the aesthetic effect.

This powerful color became popular in the fashion scene with the novelty of Chanel’s “little black dress.” It was a symbol of sophisticated simplicity for the elite lady of style in the post war era.

Currently, this item has dispersed through all social classes as an essential item, but it used to be considered a revolutionary innovation for the wealthy only.

In the 1950’s, Dior brought about a similar variation of this with the black afternoon dress and jacket, which were again only worn by the elite and fashion conscious women.

Today, this color continues to be a standard of luxury and tact. Black on black on black on black is what we are seeing consistently for fall. Although this is so, do not forget to spice things up with pop colors on occasion!

Photos courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

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