Factoria Rent Me Fall 2009
Factoria Rent Me Fall 2009

BARCELONA, Apr 7, 2009 / FW/ — “Surenbas”, is the result of almost a year of investigation by Carolina Diez-Cascon Gonzalez of the search of the union between Barcelona and Paris, with the objective of creating the first ever catwalk collection for Rent Factory Me.

Two cities, one upon another one (Sur et en Bas) totally different to each other, and that together they create a pure union. Paris a city governed by the gray color, opposes to the color and own crazy printings of Barcelonan youth; a fight between traditions and overflowing creativity.

Each one of them contributes to the other what him lack. Paris grants to Barcelona the tradition of the classic and pure lines of the French seam, when Barcelona contributes to its madness in volumes and colors.

Different experiences are united, creating an existentialism union of the people fusion, art and life of two superposed places.

Two cities that can create a result that is that that Barcelona lacks and deserves to have, a style elegant and classic thanks to Paris, but together with its so singular seal of celebration and youth that the “condal city” grants.

Photos by Biel Sol

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