Roberto Cavalli and Eva Cavalli
Roberto Cavalli and Eva Cavalli

MILAN, Apr 7, 2009 / FW/ — Roberto Cavalli and Ittierre had kissed and made up. In a joint statement yesterday, Roberto Cavalli SpA and Ittierre S.p.A. confirmed that an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement has been reached for the production and distribution of the Just Cavalli menswear, womenswear, apparel, bags, shoes and accessories collections.

According to the announcement, the licensing agreement will last 5 years and will include the production and distribution of the Autumn-Winter 2014/2015 collection. The agreement serves as the resolution for the outstanding matters related to the previous contract between IT Holding Group and Roberto Cavalli S.p.A.

Last February, Roberto Cavalli cancelled the Just Cavalli Fall 2009 show stating “I have made this decision in order to protect the Just Cavalli image and its clients… the difficult Ittierre situation leaves me with no guarantee and no certainty that my young line will be as avant-garde as always.”

Well, that’s all in the past now. Feisty as always, yesterday, Roberto Cavalli proclaimed, “… JUST CAVALLI…?…. just a little fever….nothing serious!!! Now we are stronger and healthier than ever… THOSE WHO HOPED FOR THE WORST ARE IN FOR AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE!”

In short, Just Cavalli fans do not need to worry anymore. The new agreement between Roberto Cavalli SpA and Ittierre S.p.A. defines the activities and creates a worldwide marketing and communications plan for the Just Cavalli Collection.

That agreement includes Just Cavalli coming back to the “Camera Nazionale della Moda” official fashion show calendar, starting from the up-coming Spring–Summer 2010 show.

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