M Marani Fall 2009
M Marani Fall 2009

PARIS, Apr 12, 2009 / FW/ — Known for his luxe knitwear, Alberto Marani introduces a new line called M / MARANI, a knitwear collection created with beautiful proportions built around the idea of the essential “wardrobe”.

Created to complement Alberto Marani’s signature collection that remains positioned in the world of designer luxury, Alberto Marani is developing a portion of the Autumn/Winter 2007-08 collection a range of knits with a daywear feel, ideal for everyday wear.

Marani who pioneered the mixing of knitwear with other materials and thus giving it a young, fresh and contemporary allure is giving his new M / Marani line the same dedication to innovation.

Creating only 15 pieces that will be approximately 30-40% less expensive than the signature collection, M / Marani regroups the indispensable knitwear pieces, where the goal is that the material, the color and the proportion that all add up to making a simple pullover your absolute favorite.

Photos courtesy of M / Marani

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