Zazo & Brull Fall 2009BARCELONA, Apr 15, 2009/ FW/ — With this collection for Autumn-Winter 2009-2010, Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull demonstrate their pattern design skill, the results of which surprised spectators with the sheer magic of their volume and the identifiable aesthetic of fictional characters.

Seres came from the inspiration of surprises. On the designers’ most recent visit to Paris, they discovered the work of a taxidermist, who had created a series of imaginary beings by combining different animals. They were impressed by the result, which struck them as being both beautiful and disturbing.

So, they asked themselves, “What if the dream of being able to create fantastic creatures with fictional and unique personalities were brought to life?”

This is how the idea to launch the Seres collection came about. The combination of elements that evoke nature and make references to insects, birds and skin can be seen in the latest offering.

Seres is a collection that plays with symmetries. It lends importance to volumes that accentuate the shoulders and hips, and uses forms to hint at the beginning but not the end.

The materials used are primarily 100% cotton and wool, with sequins. Knits have recently been incorporated in zazo&brull. As expected, the knits are surprising in their volumes and atypical forms.

Sober colours are used for a collection that gives us the opportunity to enter once again the creative and dreamy world of designs from zazo&brull.

Photos by Biel Sol

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