Whitney Pavilik and Jenelle KoesterLOS ANGELES, May 10, 2009 / FW/ — Introduced only this year, Itty Bitty Sports Bra had already won the hearts of sportswomen, specifically AVP Volleyball Champions Whitney Pavilik (2008 AVP Rookie of the Year) and Jenelle Koester.

Designed for the competitive and non-competitive athletes, as well as countless women across the country who work out or practice yoga on a regular basis, the Itty Bitty sports bra encapsulates the breasts so that during activity, the bra effectively reduces 2 planes of motion providing more comfort and reducing changes of ligament damage to the chest area.

Extensive research cited by the Journal of Science & Medicine shows that approximately 50% of women report discomfort in their breasts during some form of exercise. During activity, breasts move along three planes of motion.

But while most sports bras are designed to compress, thereby reducing one plane of motion, it is being shown that a bra that encapsulates or fits properly effectively reduces 2 planes of during high impact sports or work outs.

For more information about the Itty Bitty Sports bra, please log on: www.ittybittybra.com

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    May 14, 2009