Damion Le Cappelain,  Robert Huth,  Astrid Andersen
Damion Le Cappelain, Robert Huth, Astrid Andersen

MILAN, Jun 29, 2009 – Entering its second year, the partnership between Brioni and the Royal College of Art culminated last Jun 22nd with a competition that awarded prizes to the RCA Menswear MA Students for the best interpretation of a Brioni wardrobe icon: the classic travel jacket.

In 1968 Brioni created the first travel jacket for a wealthy Californian globetrotter who commissioned a bespoke piece of outerwear for his numerous adventures. This original and innovative garment was made with 16 pockets and compartments to store a variety of gentleman’s travel equipment: a compass, plane tickets and passport, as well as cigars, watch and wallet.

It immediately became an iconic garment for Brioni, and this unique jacket has since become a staple fixture in the menswear collections, updated and reinterpreted each season, but always with the same signature style.

Today, 41 years after the first jacket was produced, awards were presented to the twelve students from the Royal College of Art for the travel jackets they have designed and created. These jackets that have been inspired by very different experiences: airport delays, African Safaris, European & Asian fusion through to contemporary body mapping.

The work of the 12 students on the prestigious British institution’s Menswear Course is the result of theory lessons that Brioni master tailors have held at the Royal College of Art in London as well as a whole week of practical tutorials held at the Scuola di Sartoria Nazareno Fonticoli in Penne, Italy.

The students have interpreted and created their own travel jackets, with garments that reflect the concepts of sartorial skill, creativity and stylistic innovation. The jury awarded the following:

  • Brioni Award / first prize: for the garment that best expresses Brioni excellence – Robert Huth
  • Creativity Award: for the most creative and innovative garment – Astrid Andersen
  • Tailoring Award: for the garment that best adapts tailoring principles to contemporary dressing demands – Damion Le Cappelain

The jury responsible for selecting the winners of the competition consists of internationally esteemed names:

  • Jefferson Hack – Editor in Chief, AnOther, AnOther Man and Dazed & Confused
  • Terry Jones – Publisher, I-D
  • Tony Chambers – Editor in Chief, Wallpaper
  • Stefano Tonchi – Editor, New York Times Style Magazine and IHT Style Magazine
  • Marigay McKee – Fashion and Beauty Director, Harrods
  • Nick Sullivan – Fashion Editor, Esquire USA
  • Professor Wendy Dagworthy – Head of school, Fashion and Textile, Royal College of Art