Dylan bag by Cole HaanDALLAS, Jun 10, 2009 / FW/ — If you’re thinking Lindsay Wagner and Michelle Ryan, who both played the ‘Bionic Woman’, think again because this is not sci-fi; it is reality! Cole Haan in its search for sustainable and environmentally fabric had found the bionic yarn made them into the ‘Dylan’ line of accessories.

Offering a range of unisex silhouettes including a duffle, and tote, Cole Haan’s ‘Dylan is made from Bionic yarn.

Beautiful, sustainable and durable, Bionic is a revolutionary new fabric made from 30 – 70% fibers of recycled plastic beverage bottles.

Using a special patented manufacturing method, the bionic yarn is achieved by covering a PETE (recycled plastic) corespun yarn in a helix formation with two surface filament layers in opposite directions.

Available in yarn form or fabric, Bionic is extremely resistant to abrasion and high in tensile strength and engineered for applications such as backpacks, luggage, technical outerwear, footwear, tents, sails, life jackets, and architecture.