Mother love, 2009 Charcoal and ink, 178 x 252cm
Mother love, 2009 Charcoal and ink, 178 x 252cm

JOHANNESBURG, Aug 5, 2009 / FW/ — Tomorrow night at the Gallery MOMO, “AGONY AND ECSTACY” Exhibit by David Tlale and Charles Storr opens at 6:00 PM.

Inspired by design, architecture, art and fashion, David Tlale and Charles Storr collaborated on a unique designer exhibition at Gallery MOMO. Two larger than life characters combining their creative energies in a show bound to delight, inspire and stimulate.

Through fashion illustrations and installations, MY LOVE LETTER explores the relationship between high fashion’s art beyond the runaways and catwalks, and a story of love and empowerment in children.

David Tlale is known for his work and dedication to fashion as well as his philanthropic spirit.

From his ever elaborate designs on the catwalk and showcasing internationally, to working with the Mohau Home, a care centre for disabled children in Vosloorus.

 Tlale imparts his positivity by focusing on a brighter future and upliftment for the youth. Through a love and passion for children, Tlale is inspired to encourage the youth, our future leaders, to discover self empowerment.

Gcaleka 2009, Ducoed Supawood, 150 x 150cm
Gcaleka 2009, Ducoed Supawood, 150 x 150cm

“The process of healing and encouragement, from working with the children stimulates a feeling of rapturous delight and an overpowering state of sudden ecstasy,” explains David Tlale. David describes this as his own personal elevating sensation of bliss and delight. “It motivates me, excites me, inspires me and this is my Ecstasy,” says David.

Thirty percent of the proceeds of all David’s creations from this exhibition will be donated to the Mohau Home. This will aid in the purchasing of educational materials, wheelchairs and other required tools for the Mohau Home.

In this unique collection, David will explore the concept of bringing fashion off-the-hanger, out of your wardrobes and into your home through illustrations and artwork inspired by perseverance, optimism and strength. These ideas, infused with Tlale’s installations, draping and inscriptions, will ultimately unfold his LOVE LETTER.

AGONY AND ECSTACY, it its separate entities and different forms has inspired the designers respectively. The designers showcase expressions of these paradoxical emotions and sensations, from which they were individually inspired. Charles Storr exhibits a collection communicating his AGONY and David Tlale reveals fashion’s art through his form of ECSTACY.

Dates: Aug 6 – 31, 2009
Gallery MOMO
52 7th Avenue
Parktown North, 2193,
Johannesburg, South Africa

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