MILAN, Sep 25, 2009 / FW/ — Perhaps, ABC got it right this time with its new series Flash Forward that is scheduled to premiere this week in the U.S., because there is certainly futurism on the runway, but not the far future, but literally six months, wherein it will be the time that this collection will be on store shelves.

Krizia Spring 2010

The concept of knowing what will happen six months hence might be new to TV viewers, but for the fashion set, it has been that way since prêt-a-porter was invented. We see on the runway what will be in store shelves 180 days from now.

For Krizia, the future holds metallics but not in the traditional way; rather it is “shiny” as luminous and transparent fabric take center stage. Yet, “shiny” is just half of the equation, the other half is texture as in crinkled and micro pleating.

Hemline is short; minis are back! Now, another trivial fact, both World War I and II saw hemlines going up before they started. Even the 1960s, the height of the popularity of the mini skirt was prior to the escalation of the Vietnam War.

Now, with minis on the runway, U.S. President Obama is talking of Iran hiding nuclear silos, a déjà vu of former U.S. President George W. Bush when he was so gung ho against Iraq.

Alright, this might sound one of those conspiracy theories we hear all about; but you have to accept, this sinister plot, as far fetch as it sounds give more excitement to the collection.

One thing is true though, the Krizia Spring 2010 collection is a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful, well-executed and most of all wearable while it retained the artistry of the designer speak a lot about this collection!