MILAN, Sep 27, 2009 / FW/ — Merging the sari and the cardigan, Lorella Signorino designing for Love Sex Money came up with “sari-gan” a neologism for the blending of Indian femininity and European strictness.

Love Sex Money Spring 2010

Draped, long, with asymmetrical necklines and always extremely light thanks to the fluid viscose gauze, this is the ideal jacket to be “dressed up when you are undressed”, and perfectly sums up the philosophy behind the Love Sex Money collection.

The merger is complete; in fact, it is morphing because though you can recognize the both influences, the ethnicity is submerged to become an entirely new silhouette that focuses on shapes and volumes.

The colors are inspired by India: ivory, gold, chocolate, ochre yellow, orange, blue, British green and raw silk.