Odyn Vovk invitation
Odyn Vovk invitation

NEW YORK, Sep 10, 2009 / FW/ — Set in the St. Marks church in NYC east village, the show began before entering the historical church.

Austin Sherbanenko is inspired this season by dirt ridden streets and industrial landscapes. Throughout the collection there was a sense of confinement which could translate from a very chic feel to the grimy slums of Berlin. Sherbanenko use of black is a strong statement of self-awareness. His customer is not looking for what is trendy or what the high street is doing. The beauty of the collection is in his details. Zippers on elbows, curved seams and unfinished hems are just a few understated details.

As tattooed models quickly passed down the runway, the collection stayed very consistent and true to Sherbanenko’s vision of demolishment and reconstruction. Jackets and coats were body conscious and unforgiving in leather and suede. Hoods of cotton coats and sweat shirts were in leather giving such a basic item an intellectual design element. Cotton twill panel shirts and high collar side zip tops were paired with ball on pants and distress wool shorts. Leggings were seen as options on many looks and slim cut jeans fitted nicely inside of utility boots.

Sherbananko’s use of kangaroo leather and waxed calfskin was innovative and clean. The back aprons that connected to many of the jeans were key accessories along with the horse hair bracelets and necklaces. This collection can translate from Toronto to Roppongi due to its effortless conscious approach to wearable art. As a floor length lambskin eight panel capa ended the show, Austin Sherbananko is giving insight to the future and giving us an understanding of his dreams and magic through his work.



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