Jose Miro Spring 2010MADRID, Oct 22, 2009 / — On his press notes, Jose Miro wrote:

Under the title of New New York, I re-vindicated the essence of the Big Apple, I work it and situate it in the streets of Manhattan. Places as emblematic as Fifth Avenue and Bryant Park are the setting for my collection in which couture becomes the storyline. In this way, the staging combines European fashion shapes with a New York ambience in order to enhance a contemporary, global woman.

A suggestive tandem that comes to light in a collection in which these two terms join together in a fresh, renewed way without losing or forgetting traditional codes.

The work grows among silk and cotton fabrics where their shades create countless texture nuances. Colours are varied to create pieces that evoke the technique of Raku ceramics in which nothing is the same, but where everything has a common identity.

Using traditional methods with an oriental air as a premise, I have shaped a work praxis in which technological innovation merges with the most ancient arts to conceive a new way of creating patterns and avant-garde prints.

Traditional embroidery techniques take on importance to become the central motifs of each of the pieces in the collection and in the identity-filled garments. Shapes are built using the lines of previous collections in which geometrical shapes still have absolute prominence in patterns.

Complex in their execution, but at the same time easy to wear, the models in my collection combine these two apparently antagonistic concepts which exist side by side in my garments in a natural way to proclaim that simple luxury is the key to the 21st century woman’s new silhouette.