PARIS, Oct 2, 2009 / FW/ — Folding, draping and an innovative way to use eye hooks and snaps, Lutz continues to remain true to his ‘alternative’ fashion roots while gaining a mainstream following.

Lutz Spring 2010

It was 8 years ago when FashionWindows first attended a show by Lutz, and even then he was already different from the mainstream, hence the ‘alternative’ fashion description. There has always been a spark in Lutz’s creations, something that set him apart from the alternative fashion genre.

Season after season, since that first time, we kept an eye on that spark as it grew brighter and brighter until it became a small fire and now, it is big enough to give warmth and catching the attention of a wider audience.

For Spring 2010, Lutz deconstructed the trench coat and reconstructed it to become sleeveless and with an asymmetrical hemline. He even proposed it as a double breasted sleeveless coat, with folded plackets.

Skirt lengths are short, sometimes even going thigh high because of the hemline is asymmetrical. There are no trousers or shorts. Lutz kept a tight collection, highlighting the jackets and blouses, even the skirts and dresses that all showed well executed folds and pleats which was the focus in the collection.

Alternative it is… wearable and highly covetable also… Lutz has a trifecta this season.

Photos courtesy of Lutz