Back to Noise Spring 2010DALLAS, Nov 30, 2009 / FW/ — Catherine Dupire-Clement, the designer behind Back to Noise brings us to the club scene, a world that is a mix between the heyday of the disco and Studio 54 and the best of the 1970s, a much maligned decade that we all have an obsession with.

There is the sleeveless military-inspired jacket that is also reminiscent of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band; then the mini and the big belt inspired by the boxing heavyweight championship belt. Graffiti on the wall that say Peace & Love adds to the atmosphere.

Dupire-Clement folded and draped to create the 21st century edition of the disco dress, something that if there was a remake of Saturday Night Fever, the leading lady will wear. But, there is also the touch chick attitude. After all, 30 years had passed since disco died in 1979.

Photos courtesy of Back to Noise