G-STARDALLAS, Nov 9, 2009 / — With the key pieces for men consisting of cropped chinos and modern classic broad shouldered jackets, there is a nostalgic air in the G-Star Raw menswear collection.

But that nostalgia easily morphed into modernity with the introduction of the extremely low loose NY Raw Structor pant, the latest addition to the ongoing line of 3-D jeans silhouettes that started in 1996 with the G-Star Elwood.

Inspired by the Mediterranean high society, the collection featured sophisticated tailoring for jackets and tops, thus creating entirely new silhouettes.

Washes encompassed the complete life-cycle of denim, from the darkest raw through bright blues and bleached to non-dyed ecru.

The combination of denim with breezily light materials in blues, whites and custom prints showed the unmatched adaptability of G-Star’s core fabric and gave the collection a cool, high-summer feel.