max_mara_acc02DALLAS, Nov 11, 2009 / FW/ — If men have pockets, women have purses. Virtually an extension of her personality, a purse is a catch-all for everything that a woman wants to carry, from mobile phone to make up. To her, it’s personal!

Even pop culture attests to that belief. In a scene in the summer comedy hit series “Royal Pains”, Tucker Bryant, a rich kid who is both a friend and patient of Dr. Hank Lawson, was rifling through his girlfriend’s Libby’s bag because he was jealous of a non-existent rival.

Libby was furious when she caught him; grabbed her bag and then walked away after telling Tucker, “A woman’s bag is personal.”

A special relationship between a woman and her purse exists. Though most women own more than just one purse, every one of them in her closet is special. So, if you want to give something special to the fashionista in your life, what more can be special than a Max Mara bag.