Delvaux ? new  cabas collectionANTWERP, Dec 19, 2009 / — At Delvaux, luxury means enjoying every day in style. So it is hardly surprising that the House of Delvaux has come up with a unique view of the most “routine” of bags: the “cabas” as part of its new spring/summer collection.

Introduced last Easter, the Cabas Collection was and still is the Belgian leather company’s approach to sustainability.

The intention was to use remaining batches of leather in a fun way to make a practical, capacious bag that always looks good morning, noon or night: when shopping, or to take to work. And the versions followed in rapid succession. There was a tricolor version to mark the Belgian national holiday. And the Het Zoute model came out in the summer.

Carrying on this young cabas tradition, the latest collection proposes rectangular design looks that are very modern, but the finish and the quality are timeless.

The new series is made of Toile Royale, which is easy to recognize by its coronet motif. There is still scope for a little inside joke: the leather refers to the leather lining of the Delvaux bags. With their simple, graphic shape and their versatile uses, these capacious bags will appeal to women who are young at heart, whatever their age.

The “cabas” is available in three colors – café, jeans and sable – and in two sizes (the smaller Metro and the larger Taxi). The bags are trimmed (edges and handle) with leather, in a choice of ten different colours. Available from the end of March from all Delvaux boutiques.

A varnished fluo version with black leather trim will also be temporarily available.

Métro Toile Royale = 275 euros
Taxi Toile Royale= 375 euros
Taxi Cuir Fluo Jaune et Noir = 575 euros
Taxi Cuir Noir = 575 euros