sretsisF0928NEW YORK, Dec 16, 2009 / FW/ — Change alone is unchanging… The Sretsis Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collection explores the many facets of change, examining the notion of metamorphosis by making the various stages of design development transparent.

The evolution from one silhouette to the next mirrors the variations on a single print, embracing the beauty of incompleteness.

Sretsis’ signature materials and classic styles—from flounces and ruffles to tiers and scallops—take a new form in the autumn/winter collection, appearing in different shapes, sizes and fabrics. The color scheme epitomizes the surprising, oppositional aspects of the collection, juxtaposing acid pink, electric blue and lion gold against the softest pastel palette of lilac and faded rose.

Taking inspiration from M.C. Escher’s Metamorphosis Series, the main “Metamorphosis Diamonds” print displays a morphing circle of uncut diamonds. The outlines of the diamond pattern are gradually transformed into crystal-faceted Carousel animals before morphing into the Sretsis girl and back again to diamonds.

The print appears in three color stages: The spectrum ranges from a basic black and white sketch to unfinished color-filled facets to a full rainbow scheme, embodying the theme of design in development.

The collection also debuts two additional exclusive textiles—the custom lace “Mascot Doily,” featuring a crystal horse, panther and lion design with eyelets on delicate silk chiffon and organza; and the Sretsis jacquard lining, creating surprising interior detailing and making key pieces reversible.

Sretsis’ classic cocktail dress and reinterpreted through the lens of metamorphosis through variations of proportion, fabrication and finishing techniques. Flaunting elements of structure and design, the pieces are paired with the new basics: acid zipper trompe l’oeil jeans, scallop rib skirts, oversized knitted blazers and tuxedo tail jackets.