PARIS, Jan 26, 2010 / FW/ — Still in cult territory, Henrik Vibskov took journalistic license in world history to mix and match different eras and different iconic figures to come up with a Star-Trek-like scenario, which is “a familiar sight in a planet 5 light years away.”


The stage set is a workshop, which could be Leonardo Da Vinci’s or even Geppetto, Pinocchio’s father. No matter who the owner of the workshop was, Henrik Vibskov had one vision in mind – a journey. If it was Leonardo Da Vinci, then it begins with the maestro’s dream of flight; if Geppetto’s, then it is about Pinocchio’s journey of being human.

Elements of clothing from the inventor’s workshop have been incorporated in modern day’s clothing – the ¾ sleeve lab coat, the knitted tunic, to the quilted patchwork jacket.