kim_kardashianDALLAS, Jan 12, 2010 / FW/ — To reality shows fans, Kim Kardashian does not need an introduction. Famous for being famous, Kim Kardashian is one of those celebrities wherein we actually scratch our head why she became famous.

Her fans would of course disagree; and Carl’s Jr., the Los Angeles-based quick-service restaurant chain is betting that her popularity will sell their new line of grilled chicken salads. And you know what, Carl’s Jr. is right.

Through Jan. 8, interest in Kim Kardashian’s salad commercial has received unparalleled press coverage, garnering 258 million media impressions (potential viewers/readers), more than three times the quantity achieved by any one of the chain’s previous celebrity commercial stars and, amazingly, more than all of them combined.

Media coverage has ranged from People magazine and The Jay Leno Show, to CNBC’s FastMoney and USA Today. There has been an additional 1.8 million views on YouTube for the :30 commercial and a combined 2.1 million views for all of the other salad- and Kim-related videos.

As the commercial says, ‘Who says salads can’t be hot?’