Marina Yachting 1972MILAN, Jan 9, 2010 / FW/ — Marina Yachting 1972 is history turned modern; the truest tradition of the label translated into modern days.

A strictly blue collection, with no room for any other colour, the Marina Yachting 1972 Fall 2010 Collection proposes compact wefts, military inspiration, aged, felted, worn fabrics, craftsmanship, for authentic but new original clothing.

Timeless sea wolves; Patches, prints and embroideries are all in matching colour, in order to emphasize their “antique” character and quintessential sea-faring spirit.

“Vintage” long jackets come straight from the old times. Pickot is in antiqued moleskin with 8 buttons; the captain’s blazer is a double-breasted jacket in a blend of aged wool and cotton. Tricot knitwear is made precious by “vintage” buckles and ropes.

The fisherman’s jumper has a knit hood. Blue is over-dyed in black and blue, like the sea depths. Trousers feature “vintage” marine details, with straps, adjustments, waist-tighteners that look like sailing vessel lines.

The look is heavy, comfort is total. For such “toughness” that conceals research and such comfort as only vintage clothing can ensure. Years go by and the garments take on an aristocratic aura, immersed in our time but infused with tradition.