PARIS, Jan 30, 2010 / FW/ — A reboot of Star Trek, Avatar breaking all box office records and a sequel for Tron, the sci-fi genre is the current favorite of moviegoers. How do you translate that zeitgeist to the catwalk?


Stéphane Rolland’s vision is elegance amidst modernity. Staying away from the galactic Amazons cliché, Rolland mixed high tech plastic with natural silk, a seemingly incongruent combination but it actually works!

Using a bright color palette of purple, burgundy and gold, plus the obligatory white and black, Rolland crafted round plates which were assembled equidistant from each other to create tubular shape that encircled the garment fit that even Princess Lea or Queen Amidalah would have been proud.

Amazingly enough, the collection is actually very wearable including the sci-fi-looking ones. Belt accented the waist while the shoes remain to be of the platform peep toe variety.

Photos courtesy of Stéphane Rolland