Strenesse Blue Fall 2010BERLIN, Jan 24, 2010 / — Girls, reload the 1980s!

The cool urban look of downtown New York of the late 80s is back! Hand-painted t-shirts top metallic-brown nappa-leggings topped with short washed and tumbled woolen glencheck-blazers feel like much loved nifty thrift-store finds.

Short dresses made of printed wool worn over drainpipes or sportstyle little black number with reversible braun and golden sequins over men’s slacks reminds oh so strongly of style-icons like Blondie or Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders.

A very short sequined dress over shiny slacks worn with high lace-up booties makes cool street-style look confidently sexy, and anything is comfortably possible in a washed cinnamon- coloured A-line nappa-skirt mixed with an oversized sweater and flat gents’ shoes.

No more fashion-laws: Let’s finally do whatever we want! Times just change. Life ain’t no red carpet, and women really have other things on their minds than fulfilling hot-babe-fantasies around the clock. Try natural, mind-boggling sexiness in comfort-pieces instead. What the world needs now is individuality. .

Photos courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week