cwa_whiteMILAN, Feb 7, 2010 / FW/ — A western take for Spring 2010, Coast + Weber + Ahaus proposes jeans in white and denim that is fierce and assertive but also exudes a certain naiveté.

With metal studs as the main adornment, the virginal white of the jeans is balanced beautifully, radiating aggressiveness and coyness at the same time.

Denim jacket with no collar and straps: 1020 Euro
Jeans super Skinn: 334 euro

The Mix & Match denim set, with the shorts and jeans as interchangeable bottom for the long-sleeved top, has a lived on look that immediately make the pieces covetable and highly desirable the first time you lay eyes on them.

Washed denim shirt with button tic-tac: 178 euro
Jeans with wrinkle: 190 euro
Short with wrinkle: 142 euro