BARCELONA, Feb 9, 2010 / — Crommorc is a joint venture between Carolina Caralt and Rosa Tharrats, winners of the “Premi Catalunya de Dissenyadors Emergents, Project Bressol” on July 2007 and of the “Bread and Butter Tour Design” award on March 2008.


Commorc started its activities in Barcelona on 2007 emerging as a new life concept brought out from today’s world modern society. As a multidisciplinary brand, it presents fashion as part of our leisure and as an alternative to the actual clichés established around male and female design.

Emotion, fusion, ambiguity, nomadism and transformation: staring from a sole garment others can be created playing with its design. Artistic and brand differentiation issues are always present in each and every one of their collections.

Thanks to a deep thorough research on matters as patterns, fabric combination, product finishing and specific details, they achieve substantial identifiable elements for each collection.

Runway Shows: