martin_lamotheF1027BARCELONA, Feb 10, 2010 / — The new Martin Lamothe Collection by Elena Martin is about New Tourism; about those tourists which prefer quantity above quality; about Cruise Tourism.

Its colouring has a definite seafaring quality, with a cream coloured background as the common feature; for it is the colour of rope, of the typical tourism fanzines and of remembrance. Navy blue and black are combined together with metal hues representing the ship’s gadgets and cotton, which is the customary fabric for traditional seafaring clothing.

Silk Crepe and Phenol Resin Cotton were chosen as fabrics, together with wool, leather – either washed or patterned -, rope, embroideries, and even Silk Gauze or Silk Organza. Both these new materials symbolize Water and Water-repellence: Capelines and Trench Coats.

Studded leather shows up once more where ropes are transformed into a recreation of our skin’s patterns.

Patterned and galvanized silk is to be found as an expression of the never ending harbour accrual and its nautical elements.

Finally, another textile effect applied is a kind of sport net shaped pattern for the anti-sweat inner design, typical of technical garments which you can find in fabrics such as suede, phenol resin cotton, wool knitwear and machine knitted items.

On the whole, a nautical and seafaring travelling spirit: To Cruise… is the main theme of designer Martín Lamothe’s 2010 Collection.

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona

080 Barcelona Fall 2010