BARCELONA, Feb 8, 2010 / — Entitled “Textura Social”, the Miriam Ponsal Fall 2010 collection represents different sources of inspiration such as Tibetan nomads, the Sherpas, rock climbing and mountain climbing.


One of the characteristic features of this collection is the combination of materials and their possibilities expressed by using various techniques, such as tapestry, wicker-work and manual looming.

The combination of the materials by means of applying different artisan techniques gives the clothes a personality of their own and at the same time an air of freedom that comes from mixing and merging the materials.

Wool plays an important role in the collection, from streaks of wool to cut strips of wool that are then plaited and afterwards woven manually.

The pattern making is liberated, and she uses forms such as Japanese sleeves or superimpositions. The forms are wide and sometimes maximized to turn the clothes into oversize.

080 Barcelona Fall 2010

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona