montse_liarteF1041BARCELONA, Feb 9, 2010 / —Birds, Butterflies, Dandelions and Aeroplanes; all of them enjoy their own necessary aerodynamics which allow them to fly.

These designs can be as delicate and fragile as is the case with birds or as strong and tough as is the case with Aeroplanes’ swift lines.

Straight and curved lines, precise and thoroughly outlined are the ones which permit them to take off the ground.

All these elements shape up “Fly the Bird’s Way”. Man has always followed the trail birds have shown us, and has ever since tried to emulate them, copying their design with the help of our own technology.

Crossed structures, sharp volumes and studied pleats shape up garments which express a desire to be able to fly.

Black, blue, beige and grey colours, on fabrics such as wool, plain silk sometimes even mixed with some delicate jacquard textile fabrics, bring out the subtlety of birds found behind these designs.

080 Barcelona Fall 2010

Photos courtesy of 080 Barcelona